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Video Essays

Pickup artists

Pickup Artists might seem old, corny, and pretty ridiculous to most people, but since their mid-2000’s rise in popularity, the philosophy of THE GAME has influenced a generation of young men to manipulate their way to sex.

YouTube Dating Coaches

Single men need help meeting, charming, and sleeping with women. So why not look to YouTube dating coaches for help? We check-in on the love lessons men are learning to find out which ones are helpful, which ones are harmful to women, and which ones "drip".

joe rogan

Joe Rogan has one major blindspot - his own toxic masculinity. While his open-mindedness on politics, relationships, drugs, hunting, and other social subjects is part of why he's amassed millions of subscribers (and a new $100 million Spotify contract), Rogan rejects the idea that men are conditioned in a way that is harmful to women and themselves.

mister rogers

What does it mean to be a man? In his own particular way, Mr. Rogers represented traits that traditionally masculine men pride themselves in - power, strength, confidence, and success. And his tactics are just what the modern man needs to maneuver personal relationships in the 21st century.

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